Join us for the launch of Everything Solid, a speculative publication.

Architect Nicolò Ornaghi and photographer Louis De Belle teamed up to investigate the aesthetics of a down-falling icon of the Italian design. Recognising a connection with an odd custom of MIT students – where a not functional piano is dropped off the roof to celebrate the “Drop Date” – Everything Solid documents the exhaustion of Boby, an iconic trolley designed by Joe Colombo in the 1970’s.

The publication, designed by London studio Systems, is printed on duplexed paper, spiral-bound and enclosed in a foil debossed cover.

On the occasion of the release, the original Boby trolley is hosted by MEGA.

Everything Solid
23 x 15 cm
24 pages
Photos: Louis De Belle
Text: Nicolò Ornaghi
Publisher: Raumplan
ISBN 9782123456803

Launch price: 15€

Supported by Brooklyn Brewery